Step By Step Procedure to apply for online Domicile Certificate in Jammu and kashmir (J&K UT).

Lieutenant Governor Girish Chandra Murmu launched the E-Application-Cum-Issuance of domicile certificate in Jammu and Kashmir to provide Domicile certificate and other services in online mode.

Steps to apply for online j&K domicile certificate


With the launch of this service, there are now 27 government to citizen (G2C) online services. 

The e-application-cum-issuance of domicile certificate has been developed by Jammu and Kashmir e-Governance Agency (JaKeGA).

Motive of E-application-cum-issuance of domicile certificate in J&K UT Online services:

  • To provide speedier, seamless and home based services.
  • To simplifying government delivery process.
  • To provide cost effective delivery of public services.
  • To provide sustained availability and maximum reach.
  • To Fostering accountability and reduce Corruption. 
  • To provide option to apply online domicile certificate and 26 other government to citizen services online

Steps to apply for domiclie certificae in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K UT)

Those who wants to apply for issuance of domicile certificate in online mode can go to the official website and apply for the same by providing the required document.

E-application-cum-issuance of domicile certificate in J&K UT

The permanent resident certificate (PRC) holders and other applicants can apply for issuance of domicile certificate online by providing their Aadhaar number and receive the certificate through online mode.

PRC holders will be able to receive their domicile certificate through this application without having to visit any office.

Step by Step Procedure to apply for Domicile Certificates and other services online mode.

1. In order to apply online one has to go the the official website and login through Citizen Registration Link.

Apply online  j&K domicile certificate portal welcome page

2. After filling up the personal details and other information a user ID and password will be generated which can be used for further use in the website for availing the online services.

j&K domicile certificate portal citizen registration page

3. After submitting the application a window will pop up displaying the login ID and temporary password, the temporary password has to be change on first login.

j&K domicile certificate portal popup window

4. You can login with your registered User Id and Password to to apply for the online the services which you wants to avail.

5. For applying Domicile certificate services you have to select E-Services and in the list of departments , select General Administration Dept and then click on Application for Domicile Certificate.

j&K domicile certificate portal welcome selection of department

6. A new Window will be displayed, n that window fill all the remaining details as per your eligibility for domicile certificate in Jammu and kashmir and upload all the required documents.

7. Finally preview and submit the application.

8. After finally submitting the application a confirmation Email will be sent to your registered Email Id for further references.

Important Instruction before registration on the online portal to apply for Domicile certificates and other services in Jammu and Kashmir.

1.Before applying the Service, User has to register using the Citizen Registration Link given on login Screen. Already Registered Citizen can avail the Service Using Login ID and Password generated after Citizen Registration. 

2.Applicant has to upload the Passport size scan photo (jpg image) in the clear background of size less than 50 kb. 

3.Please, note the user id and password entered by the applicant during registration for Login and availing the service.

4.Please, select the role type Citizen while entered login credentials by the Applicant using Citizen Users ID and Password. 

5.After Login, Applicant has to click on the e-services tab in the left menu and thereafter click on the department to which he has to avail the service.(e.g. Scholarship schemes under Social Welfare Department or Domicile Service Using General Administration Dept.) 

6.Please, note the Citizen ID, Username and Password after successful registration of Citizen as it will be required at the time of availing the service

List of 27 government to citizen (G2C) online services which are available to the public in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K UT).

1. Application for Domicile Certificate

2. Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme(IGNOPS)

3. National Family Benefit Scheme (NFBS)

4. Post Matric Scholarship Scheme for Students of Backward Classes.

5. Post Matric Scholarship Scheme for Pahari Students.

6. Age Certificate.

7. Fitness certificate.

8. Physically Challenged certificate.

9. Registration at Employment Exchange.

10. Renewal of registration.

11. Application for Fishing.

12. Integrated Social Security Scheme (ISSS).

13. Aasra Scheme.

14. Ladli Beti.

15. Pension for Victims of Militancy.

16. Scholarship to Orphans of killed militants.

17. Application for Commercial water connection.

18. Application for pesticide License (Retail/Wholesale).

19. Application for Fertilizer License (Retail).

20. Application for fertilizer License( Wholesale).

21. Application for reeler in sericulture.

22. Application for Nursery/Orchards.

23. Application for registration of Students.

24. Application for Eligibility and migration.

25. Application for Online examination.

26. Application for providing copies of Answer Sheets.

27. Application for No Objection Certificate.



Rule 3A. (1) Any person who fulfills the following conditions shall be eligible for the grant of domicile certificate by the competent Authority;

(a) who has resided for a period of fifteen years in the Union
territory of Jammu and Kashmir or has studied for a period of seven
years and appeared in Class 10th /12th examination in an educational
institution located in the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir; or

(b) who is registered as a migrant by the Relief and
Rehabilitation Commissioner (Migrants) in the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir as per procedure prescribed by government for migrants and displaced persons; or

(c) who is a child of Central Government Officials , All India
Services Officers, Officials of Public Sector Undertaking and
Autonomous body of Central Government, Public Sector Banks, Officials of Statutory bodies, Officials of Central Universities and recognised Research institutes of Central Government who have served in Jammu and Kashmir for a total period of ten years; or
(d) who is a child of parents who fulfill any of the conditions as prescribed in clause (a) or (b); or

(e) who is a child of such residents of Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir as reside outside Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir in connection with their employment or business or other professional or vocational reasons but whose parents fulfill any of the conditions provided
in clause (a) or (b)

To Avail the above services click here

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